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When I first began making knives, I was impressed and inspired by the works of many of the great makers of that time.    I was especially drawn to the works of Don Fogg, Steve Schwartzer and  Pierre Revardi.  The idea of using different colored steels to make "pictures" in a knife blade is what inspired me to make my first damascus knife.

The only "pictures" I was able to make at that time were simple "wood grain", "random" and "twist" patterns.  I had lots of "ideas" of how to go about making real pictures - I just didn't have the tools or skills, nor the time to do anything about it.  I was working a full time job and had only a couple hours on the weekends to devote to knife-making.

Well, eleven years later, I had developed good skills in forge welding and working with different "knife steels".  Contemporary pattern welded damascus became easy.  I no longer had "cold shuts" or "flux inclusions" (common flaws in pattern welding), and I could produce many differnt patterns in damascus knives.  I had also been making knives full time for five years.

Early summer of 2007, I decided it was time to bring my "dream" of pictures in steel into a reality. Using hand tools (I don't own a power press or milling machine), I started working with one of my "ideas" to make recognizable "pictures" in a knife blade.

Below are some examples of what I have produced to date.  These blades were produced using only the common tools which can be found in most bladesmith/knife-making shops; forge, anvil and hammer, drill press, hand held rotary tools, belt sander, files and sand paper.

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